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Works in Focus


Apollo e Dafne

APOLLO E DAFNE Gian Lorenzo Bernini created for Cardinal Scipione Borghese an unprecedented masterpiece depicting the metamorphosis in laurel of the Nanny caste, Dafne, pursued in vain by Apollo, god of light. Cupid is offended by the words of the god so triggers a love tragedy. The Apollo [...]


Cloaked Boys

Cloaked Boys (2 Century A.D.) Three figures of boys wearing the cloak and hood known as the caracalla are placed in the corners of the room. They are genii linked to wealth, health (like the small Telesphorus in the group with Asclepius in room VI, no. 13b) or [...]


St Jerome

SAINT JEROME - Caravaggio 1606 This painting was made by Caravaggio for Scipione Borghese, now a faithful admirer of the artist. He was among the first works of the artist to become part of the collection of the powerful cardinal. Probably Caravaggio wanted to thank him with this painting [...]


Truth unveiled

Truth unveiled (1647 A.D.) Unlike most of Bernini's sculptural groups in the Galleria Borghese, Truth Unveiled was not executed by the artist as the result of a commission, it was de¬scribed in a letter that the duke of Brac- ciano — Paolo Giordano II Orsini —- sent to Cardinal [...]


Sarcophagus Showing Sacrifice of Minos to Poseidon

Sarcophagus Showing Sacrifice of Minos to Poseidon (160-180 A.D.) Fragment of side of sarcophagus showing the sacrifice of Minos to Poseidon Italian marble 78 x 80 cm Inv. no. LXI Part of the original Borghese Collection, this relief forms the right side of the only surviving sarcophagus depicting [...]


View of the Villa

VIEW OF THE VILLA BORGHESE - Johan Wilhelm Baur 1636. Unlike Abraham van Cuylenborch’s view of the Villa Borghese, this painting shows the building, with some variations, closer at hand, with larger figures thronging the foreground. The view shows the double flight of steps, based on the one that [...]


Venus Genetrix

Venus Genetrix (1 Century A.D.) The woman is she is about. to_undress, foreshadowing the nudity revealed by Praxiteles. Resting on her left leg, with her right foot placed behind and just touching the ground with the toes, she twists her body with a rapid motion, lifting the edge [...]



DAVID - Bernini 1623 The David sculpted by Gian Lorenzo Bernini enhances the physical qualities of the young biblical character, striving to throw the stone at Goliath. Gian Lorenzo Bernini, David, 1623-1624, marble, h 170 cm. Rome, Galleria Borghese DESCRIPTION David stands with his chest turned to his right. [...]



ANDROMEDA - Rutilio Manetti 1612 Chained by her wrists to a rock, Andromeda gazes with terror at the sea, where a monster threateningly opens its jaws; in the background, in the sky, Purseus appears on the winged horse Pegasus. According to the mythological account, Andromeda‘s mother, Cassiopea, the [...]


Togate figure

STATUE OF Togate figure (75 A.D.) Although it has lost its original head. I the overall state of preservation of the statue allows it to be critically as¬sessed. The drapery that falls over the folds crossing the front of the body suggests it should be dated to a period [...]


Vase of Flowers

VASE OF FLOWERS - Jan Brueghel the Elder 1590 ca. Executed with the same technique - although, due to the different dimensions, not pendants - these paintings, datable to the last decade of the 16th century, should be considered together because of the evident similarities in the way the [...]