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Adult (18+) €35 Skip the line entry
Students (<26) €29 Free audio guide (English, French, German)
Child (3-17) €25 Refund 72 hours prior to visit
Children (0-3) Free Change your reservation date & time

Please Note: Due to the exibition on Caravaggio, from April 26 to June 30, prices will have a 20% increse

Adult (18+)
Child (3-17)
Students (<26)


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Tickets are limited, so be sure to buy your ticket beforehand. Book with us and enjoy our carefree skip the line service: exchange your voucher for ticket and off you go!

Book your ticket entrance for the Borghese Gallery and visit the museum at your own pace. With our free to download audio guide app for smartphone, you will be able to thoroughly enjoy and appreciate all the magnificient artwork that is displayed.

You may cancel your booking and receive a refund if communication is sent via email 72 hours prior to booking. You may also decide to  reschedule your booking via email 24 hours before actual booking.

Meeting Point

Standing in front of the Borghese Gallery’s main entrance door and with your back towards it, the meeting point will be to the left, next to the ancient white marble statue without it’s head. Look for our coordinator who will be holding a sign with “Galleria Borghese Ticket” written on it.

71 reviews for Galleria Borghese Ticket

  1. John Perkins (store manager)

    Must do! The borghese gallery is wonderful and the service provided was friendly and quick. The audio guide was also very good

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)


  3. Mary Kelly (verified owner)

    It worked well.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to purchase on line

  5. JUDITH MILLER (verified owner)

    Easy to do; user-friendly site. Can’t wait for our adult children to enjoy this favorite place in Rome!

  6. Sarah Lombardo (verified owner)

    We were delayed 15 min to meeting place in front of gallery and the person holding our tickets was no where in sight! We texted, called etc. with no response from your company! At least you could have left tickets with the ticket office or at least have your person wait 30 min max incase of medical, transportation emergencies! We were sad, angry and disappointed…and we weren’t the only ones present in the same boat! We will never buy from you ever again and will post our experiences on Trip Advisor!

  7. Katherine Turner (verified owner)

    All went very smoothly – I recommend this service if you haven’t had the wit to book cheaper options further in advance. The Borghese gallery is one of the loveliest in Rome.

  8. Daniela (verified owner)

    This was my second visit to this amazing Borghese gallery. It is one of the most impressive collections, especially the sculptures. I very much enjoy the walk through the lovely park to get there. There are fabulous views of the city too.

  9. Chris Hodson (verified owner)


  10. Cindy Moorehead (verified owner)

    The Borghese gallery is great! The service was top. Would highly recommend

  11. Paulette J. (verified owner)

    The voucher I was sent was clear and contained all the information I needed to collect my tickets. The staff was courteous and efficient and the audio guide paid off. There was quite a long line so I appreciated the skip the line service. Although expensive, highly recommendable

  12. Jack G (verified owner)

    Although we had a map on our voucher, we got lost in the Park and received a phone call from one of the operators who was very efficient and gave us clear directions on how to arrive at the Borghese gallery. Once at the meeting point, we were greeted from a friendly lady who gave us our tickets and let us download the free audio guide which was very helpful. A good experience indeed!

  13. Katrina Fuchs (verified owner)

    The Borghese Gallery is a treasure. Can’t visit often enough. We arrived late so did not get a tour but we come every year so it was amazing as always.

  14. Herbert Yardley (verified owner)

    Website somewhat difficult to understand

  15. Daniel B. (store manager)

    The official ticket office was fully booked so we booked through them. The service was good and so was the audio guide. If you don’t book in advance you will not find tickets for the Borghese gallery and this website is trustworthy and efficient.

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)


  17. Sorina G. (verified owner)

    Great experience 🙂

  18. Isabel Papadakis (verified owner)

    Purchasing the ticket was easy, however the gallery could not print the ticket on the day. I had to wait half an hour before finding out if i would even be allowed in the gallery, given I only had two hours of ticket time available, this stress was disappointing.

  19. Tracey Mumpower (verified owner)

    Easy website with great ticket prices

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice exhibition and very friendly staff

  21. Lynn

    Tour was good and informative. Lots to see wish we had more time

  22. Nancy (verified owner)

    Our guide was very passionate about the art in each room. She wove such a beautiful story each setting. We usual wander a gallery by ourselves, but we so enjoyed the guided walk.

  23. Agnes (verified owner)

    Fantastic collection. Unfortunately we did not get to see the paintings on the first floor, the 2 hour visit was not long enough.

  24. Salvatore La Ferlit (verified owner)

    Easy to purchase

  25. Gerald Thorpe (verified owner)

    Ticket purchase and use very straightforward. Venue well worth the visit, including the surrounding gardens

  26. Christopher C. (verified owner)

    Through this service, I was able to book two tickets to the Galleria Borghese two days in advance, just about impossible going through any other channel. Instructions were clear, and the contact was on time, at the agreed meeting point. This came at a price, obviously, but was well worth it. The audio guide app, however, could be improved upon.

  27. Weibo S. (verified owner)

    Price is higher than official site but they do offer skip the line service and a very useful audio guide. In addition, I was able to change the day of my reservation which I would not have been able to had I booked through the official site.

  28. Shan G. (verified owner)

    I booked only a few days in advance. There were no tickets on the official site so I booked through this site. Meeting point directions were clear and service was efficient.

  29. K8shor K. (verified owner)

    Galleria borghese is definitely worth the visit!

  30. Ron X. (verified owner)

    highlight of our trip!

  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The process of buying the ticket and the whole service were excellent. Highly efficient. The person waiting outside the museum was very polite and provided quite useful information.

    My only complaint is about the museum Galleria Borghese itself: the rule of forbidding taking pictures inside is not friendly at all. All the customers should make voices heard by the museum and allow us to take photos, so long as flash is off.

  32. Javier Martinez Morales (verified owner)

  33. IOANNIS GALATAS (verified owner)

    Our experience was quite bad: Audioguide did not work very well and emergency phone did not respond. Not happy at all

  34. DIANNE BOWELL (verified owner)

    Very sorry not to be able to view the fantastic mosaics at the entrance due to repairs.

  35. Marius R. (verified owner)

    Great Buy! With a small difference in price we managed to skip the line at the Borghese gallery and we received an audio guide which was helpful in understanding what we were looking at.

  36. Suzanne (verified owner)

    Easy and quick way to buy tickets from Canada

  37. Kristin Holman (verified owner)

    It was easy to purchase the ticket, but I purchased the app and tried to log in using the provided Login and Password info, and was not able to access the app. Is this a known issue? Can I get a new login and password? Thank you! My email address I can provide you my purchase number again if you need it. Thank you

  38. Jon Shore (verified owner)

    Sorry to give a bad review since everyone has been very kind and helpful. But I thought I was ordering a ticket directly from the museum so when I showed up, I waited in line for my ticket. They told me I bought it through an agency. It took me a long time to figure this out and look for the guy who was hold my ticket. I arrived at the museum early, about 10:30am for my 11:00am appointment, but didn’t enter the museum until 11:10. So I wasted some time but downloaded a very useful audio guide. Unfortunately, since I did not read directions carefully, there was no skip the line benefit to ordering this ticket through you. I did however, have a wonderful time visiting the museum.

  39. Sofía S. (verified owner)

    It’s a very good panorama, there are beautiful and unique pieces of art

  40. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Vero good experience

  41. Caroline (verified owner)

    Although the Guide did not have my name on her list, the agency was very efficient and quickly sorted out my ticket with her office. In addition, the art within the borghese gallery was outstanding.

  42. Dumitru Dan C. (verified owner)

    Amazing gallery, wonderful masterpieces!!

  43. ileana

    Despite the commissions this vendor applies, the service was very good and helpful. We picked up the tickets in no time, received a helpful map of the building and downloaded a good audio guide. Even though not the offical galleria borghese, I would still recommend.

  44. James Roberts (verified owner)

    I did not realize I was buying a ticket from a third party vendor, rather than the Borghese gallery. This galleria borghese ticket website is very easy and efficient. Do NOT go to the ticket office because they are not curteous and very unhepful. I found the vendor at the meeting point just as described in the voucher.

  45. Carolyn (verified owner)

    Very happy to have booked this borghese gallery ticket. The system allowed me to book the morning visit but I was later advised by text that it wasn’t available. The company quickly sorted another time slot and I was able to get inside with no stress.

  46. Alfred Doty (verified owner)


  47. Diane D’Ottaviano (verified owner)

    Reception desk staff was incredibly rude! I didn’t realize I had purchased my tickets from a third party. The woman at the desk told me I must like overpaying!

  48. Norm Bury (verified owner)

    Given entry tickets at meeting point and told to wait inside . Followed this instruction but was not contacted again. We paid 58 Euro for service which should have cost 30 Euro. Very disappointed.

  49. Rick Miller (verified owner)


  50. Andrew Cunningham (verified owner)

    Bit confusing about where to pick up on line tickets

  51. Cosor Alexandru (verified owner)

    Very accesible

  52. MARIA KOURTIDOU (verified owner)

    Easy and reliable purchase, a bit expensive though. Useful for a last minute ticket.

  53. EDUARDO RUBINSTEIN (verified owner)


  54. thomas bentel (verified owner)

    Very good

  55. Roslyn D. (verified owner)

    The gallery itself was fabulous and we really enjoyed our time in the exhibition.
    However it was disappointing that we had to spend so long lining up to cloak our umbrellas and to actually get in and then were pushed out 10 minutes before our finish time and this all came out of the 2 hours we had .

  56. Morys Davies (verified owner)

    Sensational part of our Rome visit.

  57. Jennifer Currin (verified owner)

    I purchased tickets for a specified date and time 5 weeks in advance. Everything worked out perfectly and the galleria borghese is just marvelous

  58. Daniela K. (verified owner)

    Gallery its self is perfect, and the experience with reseller,that we overpaid, was good enough. I bought tickets three weeks before our visit and only possibility was to buy it via resellers.

  59. Miriam (verified owner)

    Visit of the Galleria Borghese was an unique experience from the cultural point of view. We believed to buy the tickets directly from the official Galleria Borghese box office, but it appeared we payed to a provider company and even if it was overpriced it was well worth it. I enjoyed the an advantage of the skip the line ticket and would highly suggest a guided tour.

  60. Aena S. (verified owner)

    it was amazing!! Grazie

  61. Andreas R.

    Excellent service, good advice!

  62. Emily Brandt (verified owner)

    I was scheduled for a 3pm tour but received a phone call at 11 wondering where I was. When I told who ever I was talking to that I want scheduled to 3. I was informed he didn’t have time for me at 3 and that I would just have to purchase tickets (again) there. I was told I would be issued a refund if my info was correct and after verifying I have received my full refund.

  63. John Stern (verified owner)

    Outstanding objects & guide. Will definitely return on my next visit to Rome!

  64. Harry Bauman (verified owner)

    Ticketing and directions were well explained. Looking forward to our second visit to the Borghese ! We were there in October 2018.

  65. Ju Tae Seo (verified owner)

    Extraordinary and beautiful

  66. Bryan Frear (verified owner)


  67. Jerry Bauerkemper (verified owner)

    What a wonderful mix of art

  68. Susan Cullen (verified owner)

    I really like the website. Ticket is easy to buy.
    I am looking forward to going to the gallery

  69. Marino Jessika (verified owner)

    La galleria era chiusa il giorno dell’appuntamento e ho fatto richiesta di rimborso che è stata fatta

  70. Terrell Jones (verified owner)

    Could not attend. Covid19. Nonetheless the service provided was great

  71. Martina Langohr

    I paid for the ticket and waited in front of the museum, but it was closed due to Covid. A full refund has been issued

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