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VIEW OF THE VILLA BORGHESE – Johan Wilhelm Baur 1636.

Unlike Abraham van Cuylenborch’s view of the Villa Borghese, this painting shows the building, with some variations, closer at hand, with larger figures thronging the foreground. The view shows the double flight of steps, based on the one that designed by Michelangelo for the Palazzo Senatorio on the capital line hill, and a portico that, at The time, was without iron grill soon. This is one of the artists best known works, combining a taste for the monumental aspect of the architecture with a predilection for the rendering of the smallest details. And engraver and painter, Johan Wilhelm was also a miniaturist, and worked in Italy from 1632 1637, after which he went to Vienna. The painting is signed and dated Jo Wilhelm Bavr Fecit 1636 and may have been executed for Marcantonio Borghese. Despite the signature, it appeared as a work by Antonio Tempesta in the inventory of 1693 of the Borghese gallery, Before being attributed to the present artist.

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