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Project Description

Venus and Mars (54 A.D.)

This is one of numerous copies of the group of Venus and Mars, an eclectic composition of the Roman pe¬riod resulting from the juxtaposition of two types of Greek origin. Venus, in fact, is based on the model of the Aphrodite of Capua: the figure of Mars shown with her derives, at times, from the type of the Ares Borghese; at other times, as in this case, it is a revised version of Polyclitus’s Doryphorus. The Borghese group comes from Giovanni della Porta’s collection.
On the front of the altar, which is in the form of a parallelepiped, is an inscription surrounded by a frame: CHARILAMPES / FRATRI SVO / DVLCISSIMO/ STATIO (Charilampes, to his beloved brother Statius). On the sides appear an urn and patera, traditional funerary symbols. Both Giacomo Manilli (1650) and Domenico Montelatici (1700) stated that the monument was located in the first enclosure of the Borghese Gallery.

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