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Project Description

Portrait of a Women (92 A.D.)

Displayed in 1 the niche next to the previous work, this is a portrait of a-woman: the modelling and pose — the head is turning slightly to’ the right — are typical of the classicizing.style, which is ‘Stressed by the technique used to render the details of the face: The woman’s hair is parted in the middle, with deep waves over the forehead, while, on the crown, it is braided in a plait. This is a variant of the elaborate official hairstyle of the Flavian era, which was intended to imitate a wig; it may be compared to that of the woman of the Gens Hateria, although in that case there is less emphasis. The tomb of the Haterii (in the Vatican Museums) is datable to the end of Domitian’s reign; shortly afterwards, in the Trajanic era, this hairstyle was adopted by public figures. This portrait may also be ascribed to the Flavian period because of the plastic modelling of the face, which is comparable to the Flavia Domitilla in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen.

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