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Project Description


Only the front part of the head, including the ears and the top of the neck, is antique. Next to the modern lotus, attached to the top of forehead, there is an old mount, with a mark left by a crown, perhaps made of metal. It is not certain whether the projection of marble at the top of forehead was intended to take Isis’s attribute (a crown in the form of a throne). In any case, this is an image of goddess executed.double life-size, perhaps adopting the technique of the acrolith, inspired by Greek-models of 5th century B.C: Despite the fact r that the surface of the face has been considerably reworked, the original quality of the sculpture.may be seen in the fjront part of the hair which frames the wide forehead with splendid waves. The drill has been used extensively on the hair, which is intended to be seen from a distance.
The plinth is a fragment of the left side of the sarcophagus reconstructed by Andreas Rumpf and drawn by Ernst Eichler, to which the sections in this hall (nos. 6b, 18b) and in-room VIII (nos. 3b, 17c) belong. On it is de¬picted a large garland of fruit and flowers with, in the upper part, a griffin with a lion’s head and fish’s tail, the mirror image of the right side

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