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Project Description


The story of the assassination of Holofernes, taken from the Old Testament, was the favorite theme of Caravaggio’s followers in the early 17th century, and, in particular, it is a frequent subject in the work of Gentileschi, who was familiar with this painting. The heroine draws back in horror from the lifeless body, who is she just the capitated, and seeks to hide his severed head in a sack, with the assistance of her maid. The face of the old woman, lined with wrinkles and intentionally located in the shade, is in evident contrast with the youthful features of Judith, which are bathed in light. Standing in the center of the painting, the young woman is wearing a diadem on her for head, in accordance with the biblical account in the passage preceding the beheading. Baglione Was paid for this painting, which was commissioned by Cardinal, Scipione in May 1608.